Small business ideas in India

Small business ideas in India

Are you looking for small business ideas India with high profit and requires less or low Investment to start?

1.Online busine

You can start a small business and grow online with the potential to reaching all boundaries as compared to offline.


One cannot escape blogging knowing the potential it has, blogging has the power that can let you earn in millions. 

3. Cooking classe

With such a vast population in India there are people who love to watch and learn cooking. Well, go for this.

4.Dance classes

If you are an excellent dancer you can start your own dancing classes in your own area, locality or a small space.

5. Yoga Instructor

Yoga and its Impact on health are numerous it would be really great if you could take classes both online and offline. 

6. Wedding Bureau   

A wedding Bureau is a great option if you live in a small town handling venue, guests, foods, decorations etc.

7. Coaching classes

We have seen the success of PWallah and others risen from nothing with the help of technology so, it’s a good start. 

8. Consultancy

Consultancy is required to assist a person, business and others that helps boost growth and expand possibilities. 

9. Travel agency

The COVID 19 Pandemic is over and are taking flights to the best destinations possible you can get into this too. 

10.Food counter

Start a new small food business in the hot spot of the town with all the best and tasty dishes to attract people. 

10 Side Hustles

Are you looking to start something of your own and leave the traditional 9-5 daily job this is for you?