10 Fully-Remote Jobs

Post COVID 19 employers are now willing to pay even more for the potential candidate with fully remote opportunity.

1. Benefits Analyst

Benefits analyst specialist designs employee’s benefits plan and the company and other related plans for the company.

2. Product Marketer

Product marketer is a planner and a marketing expert that tracks, improves the sales & performance of products. 

3. Freelance Interpreter

If you have strong command in English language you can land some freelance interpreter jobs with multinational corporations. 

4. Recruiter

A recruiter works remotely scrutinizing and finalizing the potential talent a company is looking for the right skill set. 

5. Software Developer

There are plenty of remote jobs for a software developer i.e. front end developer, back end developer & programmer. 

6. Telehealth Physician

If you have a proper license with the help of tools like zoom telehealth can now work remotely assisting in health issues. 

7. Inside Sales Representative

Inside sales representatives can close deals over the phone or online with a minimum of 3-4 years of experience. 

8. Marketing Analytic

Marketing analytics decipher esoteric data into usable insights that helps to grow businesses and improve sales. 

9. Freelance Publicist

This requires an excellent writing skills and the art of creating plans to communicate for media outlets and clients. 

10. Senior Producer

This is more of a production process that engages with the team from start to finish i.e. ideation to delivery of content 

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