10 best freelance jobs

As the demand of becoming a freelancer increases you have some good options to start your online journey.

1  Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the lucrative fields and offers you a wide range of services to focus on you can get into.

2  Writing

The demand of writers is growing exponentially and there are several fields you can nurture your skills and earn. 

3 Designer

Designers are the most important part of a business and it demand has increase in the recent years with lot of potential.

4  Data Entry

Data entry is one of the low risk freelance jobs that require you to have a good typing skills and a reliable internet. 

5  Online Teaching

Online teaching has provided hundreds of potential teachers to monetize their skills and make money teaching online. 

6  Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant offers services virtually to businesses that are daily required i.e. email, scheduling, writing etc. 

7 Translator

Translation with expertise in another language you have some of the most sought jobs in the online market. 

8 Web Developer

Web developer with expertise in PHP, Javascript and others you can land some of the high paying jobs on internet. 

9  Customer Service

Customer services role has been on the rise since the inception of COVID 19 has you can work from home. 

10  Proofreading

Proofreading with the increase on content online the demand of flawless content has also risen in the recent years. 

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